Little Lamb Telegram 3-16-18

Little Lamb Telegram 3-16-18

I apologize for missing the Telegram the past few weeks.  We have been so busy with enrollment that it just got missed.  However, I am very happy to say that we are 98% full for our Summer Program Infants through School Age.  We only have a few Toddler and Preschool spots left for our June 4 - August 25 program.  IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTRETED FOR SUMMER OR FALL, PLEASE DO SO SOON.  We would hate for you to miss your spot because  you thought you would have more time.  We filled our summer program in three weeks.  And our Fall program is 80% full at this point.  IT'S ONLY MARCH!!  eek.  


1. If you have paperwork to turn into the office after hours or if not one is in the office, please place it in the mail slot on the cart by the office entrance.   PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT ON EITHER OF THE DESKS IN THE FRONT OFFICE. 

2. Thank you for cutting down on the cell phone usage during drop off and pick up.  Our little ears here at LLCC do not need to be repeating some of the words they are hearing in your conversations.  We appreciate you keeping those phone calls to before and after pick up. 

Classrooms are collecting items to put together their raffle basket.  We will be displaying those baskets April 2-6.  You will have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to bid on your basket of choice all week April 2-6.  

Have a great weekend!!