Little Lamb Telegram 2-23-18

Little Lamb Telegram  

We started this week with a wonderfully warm and sunny day.  We enjoyed having the windows open and hearing children on the playground.  The remainder of the week has not been as warm and sunny but we have still had a great week.  

1. Cell phone usage.  Please take into consideration that your kiddos have missed you all day and are excitedly counting down all afternoon for your to pick up.  Please end your phone calls in the parking lot before entering to pick up in the afternoon.  We also ask for the same consideration in the mornings at drop off.   Thank you. 

2. Registration is in full swing.  If you have not registered for Summer camp or I/t, Preschool daycare, you will want to do that quickly.  We are currently 59% full for Toddlers
48% full for Preschool & PreK
86% full for K-1 Summer Camp
49% full for 2-5 Summer Camp

These are unusually high numbers this early in the registration season.  

3. Spring Break DAYCARE ONLY  Day are March 26-29th. RSVP forms will be going out soon. 


5. Check your classroom newsletters for information on your classroom basket collection for the Spring Break Bash on April 6th.  

Have a great weekend.