Little Lamb Telegram 1.5.18

Happy New Year!  
We kicked off 2018 with very chilly weather but are back into the swing of things here at Little Lambs. 

*Please be sure your children are bundled up, especially if they are in our PreK program and walk back and forth between buildings.   

*If your child is in the nap group, please make sure to provide a sheet and blanket for them.  They are often saying they are cold when laying directly on the cot. 

*Please keep up with the hand washing when you drop your child off and again before they leave.  

*Remember that your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to LLCC after a fever or illness.  This will help us keep other children and our staff healthy.

*CAN YOU HELP?  We need Tissues!  We have been at full steam dealing with colds and runny noses for the past couple months.  We are running low on tissues already.  If you are willing to donate a box or two to your child's classroom, we would appreciate it. 

SAVE THE DATE: February 13, 2018  Open House  Art Walk.

Come see the different classrooms and their class artwork. 
Have a safe and warm weekend.