8-24-17 Update

Summer has flown by and we are busy making our preparations for our school year to begin September 5th.  Shepherd Christian School started today, as did our before and after care program. We are excited to get our school year started.  We are going through some changes here at LLCC so please read through this email to be sure you are aware of any changes that may be coming with your child's classroom. 

1. Staffing: We are sad to see Susan Whitaker leave us here at LLCC but are very excited for her new opportunity to teach Kindergarten at Shepherd Christian.   
We are also very sad to see Nicole Waite leave us as our Infant 2 lead teacher, she will be replaced by Cathy Wilson.  Cathy will spend next week working side by side with Nicole to make a smooth transition for our babies. 
Mikayla Bernardin will also be leaving us full time but will remain on our staff as a sub.  Nicole and Mikayla have been an amazing asset to our infant 2 program and both will be greatly missed.  We are excited for what God has for them with the new opportunities He has provided for them.

We have hired two new staff as well to assist with our Toddler 2 & 3 Classrooms.  Stay tuned for more information about these great ladies soon.  

2. Lice: We have had several cases reported over the past couple of weeks.  As a staff, we have taken the necessary steps to wash and clean all fabric items in our classrooms and have treated the carpets in the classrooms as well.   Please keep a close eye on your child's hair.  

3. Fall Parent Meeting: Monday August 28 @ 6:30.  We ask that this meeting be an adult only meeting.  We will cruise through our information and allow you time to visit your child's classroom and meet our staff.  

Please feel free to call us at the LLCC office if you have any questions or concerns.