Little Lamb Telegram 12-14-18

This month is going by so fast.  I don't know about you but I have been on the go every night this week to basketball games, Christmas concerts at my kids schools and the events will continue on and on until after the holidays. I love it but it can sure be exhausting.  I hope you all have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy your children a bit this season.  

We had our last chapel service for the year this week.  Finishing up teaching the Christmas Story.  So many of your children already know the story through and through and they understand the real meaning of the season is Jesus.  

Next week we will have our Polar Express PJ party on Friday which will be a great time for everyone.  

Remember we are CLOSED December 24 & 25, December 31 & January 1.   If you missed the deadline for Holiday care, it is too late to sign up at this point.  We have already begun allowing the staff to schedule their time off for the season.  

I have asked the staff to take down their colored behavior charts.  I want to explore other methods of classroom management by focusing more on the positive behaviors we see rather than pointing out the negative behaviors. 

DID YOU KNOW?  We have purchased a new curriculum that we will begin using next school year.  I am super excited about all that the curriculum has to offer and look forward to sharing it with you and your children in 2019.  The name of the curriculum is Phase Foundations. 

Have a great weekend

Little Lamb Telegram 12-7-18

18 days until Christmas! 

How are you doing with all the preparations?  Are you buzzing around shopping, baking, going to see Santa and cramming in all the fun activities going on this time of year?  There is so much to do this time of year.  I hope that you will add this Sunday to your list of things to do.  We will have our Preschool & Prekindergarten Classes. (Ms. Erin, Ms. Sharon, Ms. Jessi, Ms. Arica, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Rice and Ms. Linda's Classes) have been practicing for their handbell performance this Sunday morning during the 9:30am ShepNaz church service.  Please plan to arrive at 9:15.  You will need to check your child in with the children's ministry and drop them off in the Fellowship Hall.  

Tonight and tomorrow night ShepNaz will be hosting their Christmas Journey from 6pm to 8pm.  Bring the family and enjoy this journey through the Christmas Story.  

We have begun our chapel lesson with the children about the Christmas Story.  This week they learned of how the Angel visited Mary to tell her that she would have a baby boy.  A son who would be the Savior of the world. 
Next week they will learn about Mary and Joseph and their journey to Bethlehem. This is one of my favorite stories to share. 

DAYCARE ONLY DAYS: if you have not turned in your RSVP form for the days after Christmas and New Years, please do so ASAP.  We need to plan accordingly for our staffing purposes. 

December 21                       Polar Express party, Everyone wear your                                                   PJ's to school.
December 24 & 25             Campus Closed for Christmas
December 31 & Jan. 1       Campus Closed for New Years

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Fall Parent Meeting

Did you miss the parent meeting tonight?  Here are the main points we discussed.  

1. Please take a moment to sign up for our Remind 101 text alerts.  You just need to text @llccalerts to 81010.  

2. LLCC 4 core values are: Partnering with families, Loving children, Providing a Christ-centered learning environment and having a Godly Staff. 

3. Arrival and Departure: Please have your child to us by the start of their class period.  Most classes begin at 8:30, with the exception of Mrs. Rice's Prekindergarten class that begins at 8am.  Please know that we will only release your child to the designated people listed on the pick up list.  And they must show a picture ID to office personnel before being allowed to take the child. Please keep your child with you at all times.  DO NOT allow  your child to run ahead of you in the hallways.  Late fees will be applied to anyone picking up after their scheduled time.  12pm or 6pm.

4. In the event of a Custody Agreement.  We must have all documentation in order to follow court appointed scheduled.  It is the parents responsibility to communication with the LLCC office staff regarding any custody related issues. 

5. Emergency School Closings due to weather will be broadcasted on major television channels.  We will also notify through email and text alerts.  This year we will institute a 2 hour delay.  If Shepherd Christian School Closes due to winter weather, we will be on a two hour delay.  We will open at 8:30am rather than 6:30am.  On these days, there will be NO morning snack.  Students will arrive and go immediately to their classrooms. 

6. Lunches & Snacks:   We provide an AM & PM snack and a full hot lunch.  If you child had special dietary needs or allergies we may ask you to provide their lunch and snack.  This may also require notification from your pediatrician.  

7. Sickness Policy:    


The communicable disease chart is posted in the Preschool Office.  The center will follow this chart for appropriate management of illnesses.

Our policy is not to admit a child who displays any of the following signs of illness within the previous 24 hours:

Temperature of 100 F. (taken by axillary method) when combined with any other symptom;

·Diarrhea (3 or more loose stools within 24 hours);

·Severe coughing (child becomes red or blue in the face or makes a whooping sound);

·Difficult or rapid breathing;

·Yellowish skin or eyes;

·Redness of the eye, or eyelid, thick and purulent (pus) discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching or eye pain

·Untreated infected skin patches, unusual spots or rashes;

·Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool;

·Stiff neck with an elevated temperature;

·Evidence of untreated lice, scabies, or other parasitic infestations;

·Sore throat or difficulty swallowing;



If a child displays any of these symptoms while at the center, the following action will be taken:

·Child will be isolated where he/she can lie down on a cot and be provided with a blanket;

·No child will be left unsupervised; an adult will be within sight and hearing of child and will observe the child’s condition closely.

·Parent will be notified by phone and will be asked to pick-up the child as soon as possible;

Child will be discharged to the parent, guardian, or person designated by the parent

If your child is sent home from the center due to illness, the child may not return to school the following day.  The child must be free from symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.

Parents are asked to notify the center if their child develops a communicable illness so that other parents may then be notified of exposure if necessary.  Upon notification of a communicable disease, signs will be posted to alert other parents, and a notice will be sent home to others in the child’s classroom.

Children having infectious diseases such as scarlet fever, whooping cough, pinkeye, pinworms, ringworms, impetigo, croup, mumps, measles may not return to school without a doctor’s written permission.

   8.  Medication Dispensation

The general guideline of Little Lambs Children’s Center is that no medication, vitamin, or special diet will be administered unless it is for a vegetarian diet or severe allergy, directed from a physician.  This guideline was established because we consider dispensing medicine to be very serious business.  It is very difficult for us, given our schedule, to guarantee safe and timely administration.  Please advise your doctor of our recommendations and discuss medications that you can give before and after preschool.

A child with a continuing health condition which may require daily or weekly medical procedures (i.e.:  asthma, diabetes) must complete and have on file a Medical/Physical Care Plan.  These forms are available in the pre-school office or from the director.

If medication must be given at the Center:

1.  NO medication will be given without the required form (available in the preschool office).  2.  Prescription medication in the original container with pharmacy label requires a parent's signature. 3.  “Over-the-counter” medication will require specific instructions and a signature from the parent. 4.  Medication can be administered only in accordance with a completed Medical/Physical Care Plan form. 5.  Medication and form must be given by the parent/guardian to the school office. DO NOT send medication with the child.

9. Preschool & Prekindergarten Field Trips.  Parents will receive a permission slip that provides all the information regarding the trip.  Each Student must have an adult with them in order to attend.  This can be a grandparent, or family member or family friend 18 or older. Parents who are unable to attend may work it out with another parent for that parent to take their child on the field trip.  IF a child does not have a designated adult they will be unable to attend. 

10. Bookbags

Your child will need a book bag with his/her name printed clearly on the front.

Your child should bring the book bag to school EVERY DAY to organize and carry papers and notes home.

An extra change of clothes should be kept in your child’s book bag. Please remember to change the clothes for the weather.

No toys or other items should be brought from home to school unless specifically requested by your child’s teacher.

Parents are asked to check book bags for such items. Gum, candy, and cough drops should not be brought to school.

11. Outdoor Playtime

All children will go outside twice a day as weather permits. 

We will not go outside if the temp. is below 35 degrees.  Or if the temp is above 95 degrees. 

We also take all Heat Advisories into consideration when planning our outdoor play times.

Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately.  We prefer that each child wear socks and tennis shoes each day. 

Please dress your child for play, we do get messy. 

When the weather is colder, we ask that you send hats, mittens and coats for your children.

12. Nap and/or Rest Group

Nap Group: Children are on cots and expected to sleep from 12:30-2:15pm

Rest Group: Children are resting on their cots for 30 minutes while watching an episode of a cartoon.  After that first 30 minutes they get up and engage in quiet play activities.

13. Staff Listing

Infants:             Shanell Smith, Patty Robinson, Samantha Sutton

Infant 2:          Brittany Kritz, Kortney Summers, Sindhu Choppara

Toddler 1:      Renee Lawshea, Latasha Woody (Cindy Taylor)

Toddler 2:      Courtney Messmer, Megan Tucker

Toddler 3:      Whitney Gilmour

Preschool:     Sharon LeMay, Erin Taylor & Jessi Wycuff

Pre-K:             Laura Rice, Linda Cline, Arica Durham & Sha-Zar Knight

Support Staff:                Nancy Smith, Fanny Guzman, Sheri Bedford,                                                                       Tammy Passavant & Bryana Black


14.  In the event that you have questions, please contact the LLCC office @ 614-471-9269                         





Little Lambs Telegram

Little Lamb Telegram 8-24-18

Dear Parents, 

This week we welcomed our SCS students back to our before and after care programming.  You should have received a new schedule of where to pick up each afternoon.   Please be patient with us as we work out the kinks of our new scheduling.  We are trying to provide a better atmosphere for each age group by separating them by age in the Aftercare program.  

We have hired several new staff members.  

Samantha Sutton - Infant 1 Teacher  
Sindhu Choppara - Infant 2 Teacher
Tammy Passavant - Support Staff Member and 2-5 Extended Care
Bryana Black - Pre - K Afternoon Support Staff member

Upcoming EVENTS

TONIGHT!!!!  Back to School BASH! 5:00pm to 7:30pm  On the School Age Playground and in the Gym. 

Tuesday August 28 @ 6:30pm, Fall Parent Meeting, we invite all parents to join us as we review policies and procedures for our Fall Program.  Parents will also have the opportunity to visit with our Extra Curricular Activity representatives, meet your child's teacher and visit your child's classroom.  

Monday September 3, CLOSED FOR LABOR DAY

Tuesday September 4, First Day of Preschool

Tuesday & Wednesday September 25 & 26, LLCC Picture Day

Have a great weekend!!


Fall Class Supply List for Toddler 3, Preschool & PreKindergarten ONLY


2 packs washable markers

2 packs 48 crayons

8 glue sticks

2 packs of multi-colored dry erase markers

2 packages of baby wipes

2 packages of paper towels

2 large boxes of tissues

1 package of underwear in your child's size and gender

2 containers of Clorox Wipes (or similar brand)

1 package of watercolor paints

1 package of large paper plates

2 boxes of Ziploc sandwich bags

2 boxes of Ziploc gallon size bags

1.5 inch Three Ring Binder (check with teacher first)


We have a have fun but busy summer here at Little Lambs.  Our Summer Campers have enjoyed many field trips, pool days, and amazing onsite events over the past 11 weeks.  It is hard to believe that school is back in session for many and just around the corner for everyone else. I wanted to post a few important dates for you as we prepare for our Fall Program to begin....

August 22                     Shepherd Christian School Begins

August 20-31                Transition Care for all Daycare families

August 24                     SCS Back to School Bash - All families invited. 5:30-8

August 28                      Fall Parent Meeting - This is when you will meet your child's Teacher, see                                          their new classroom and find out what important information your child's                                        teacher would like to share with you.  

September 3                  Closed for Labor Day

September 4                 First Day of Preschool

September 25 & 26       LLCC Picture Day


We hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you soon. 


Little Lamb Telegram 3-16-18

Little Lamb Telegram 3-16-18

I apologize for missing the Telegram the past few weeks.  We have been so busy with enrollment that it just got missed.  However, I am very happy to say that we are 98% full for our Summer Program Infants through School Age.  We only have a few Toddler and Preschool spots left for our June 4 - August 25 program.  IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTRETED FOR SUMMER OR FALL, PLEASE DO SO SOON.  We would hate for you to miss your spot because  you thought you would have more time.  We filled our summer program in three weeks.  And our Fall program is 80% full at this point.  IT'S ONLY MARCH!!  eek.  


1. If you have paperwork to turn into the office after hours or if not one is in the office, please place it in the mail slot on the cart by the office entrance.   PLEASE DO NOT PUT IT ON EITHER OF THE DESKS IN THE FRONT OFFICE. 

2. Thank you for cutting down on the cell phone usage during drop off and pick up.  Our little ears here at LLCC do not need to be repeating some of the words they are hearing in your conversations.  We appreciate you keeping those phone calls to before and after pick up. 

Classrooms are collecting items to put together their raffle basket.  We will be displaying those baskets April 2-6.  You will have an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to bid on your basket of choice all week April 2-6.  

Have a great weekend!!  

Little Lamb Telegram 2-23-18

Little Lamb Telegram  

We started this week with a wonderfully warm and sunny day.  We enjoyed having the windows open and hearing children on the playground.  The remainder of the week has not been as warm and sunny but we have still had a great week.  

1. Cell phone usage.  Please take into consideration that your kiddos have missed you all day and are excitedly counting down all afternoon for your to pick up.  Please end your phone calls in the parking lot before entering to pick up in the afternoon.  We also ask for the same consideration in the mornings at drop off.   Thank you. 

2. Registration is in full swing.  If you have not registered for Summer camp or I/t, Preschool daycare, you will want to do that quickly.  We are currently 59% full for Toddlers
48% full for Preschool & PreK
86% full for K-1 Summer Camp
49% full for 2-5 Summer Camp

These are unusually high numbers this early in the registration season.  

3. Spring Break DAYCARE ONLY  Day are March 26-29th. RSVP forms will be going out soon. 


5. Check your classroom newsletters for information on your classroom basket collection for the Spring Break Bash on April 6th.  

Have a great weekend.  

Little Lamb Telegram 2-17-18


Happy Saturday to you all, 
I am sitting at my kitchen table, sipping my second cup of coffee and thinking about all the great things that have happened this past week at LLCC.  In a time when there is so much hurt and pain going on around us, we must take the time to step back and think on the happy, positive stuff. However, our staff has been very heavy hearted with the start of 2018.  Several have lost loved ones, there has been heavy sickness and last weekend we received word that one of our janitorial staff members died over the weekend. Please pray for us. However, I want share you a few really great things that happened at LLCC this past week.   

1. The Sun was shining and the temps were warm.  It felt great. 
2. Our LLCC kiddos made crafts and coloring pages to be sent to the Westerville Police Department.  Our Toddler 2 Miss Megan's uncle is the Police Chief in Westerville and we wanted to be a blessing to him and his officers. 
3. Thank you to those who came to the Art Walk/ Open House Tuesday night.  It was so great to see the children's artwork lining the hallways. We gave 4 tours that night of potential families for LLCC.  So EXCITING!!!!  
4. Registration for our Summer and Fall programs opened Feb.5 We are well on our way to filling up for both programs.  IF YOU HAVE NOT REGISTERED YOUR CHILD, YOU WILL NEED TO DO THAT SOON.  Summer is nearly 50% full and Fall is 40% full.  (The Registration email will be resent today with all the links with registration forms.)
5. We celebrating Valentine's Day and had a great time with all your kiddos.  

February 22, Got Water Day,  Wear your Blue Chapel Shirt. 
February 23, Jimmy John's Family night, Help support the LLCC/SCS PTO.
March 26-29- Daycare Only Days
April 6-  Spring Break Bash (replacing Shamrock Shindig) . 
We have begun preparing our basket themes, check your classroom newsletter for more information. 


It's Registration Time!

Dear Parents, 

Little Lambs Children's Center is now accepting registrations for our Summer & Fall programs. We are very excited that you are considering our Summer and Fall programming. With three playgrounds, indoor/outdoor basketball courts, two gymnasiums and walking paths, we have plenty of room to keep the children on the move this summer. In this email you will find information regarding both programs and the necessary steps to complete a registration packet. Please take note that our tuition rates have increased and will become effective June. 1, 2018.

SUMMER DAYCARE (Infant through Preschool)

During the summer months we provide care for infants through preschool children in need of daycare.  Our programming provides the perfect balance of structure and fun in the sun.  We will still have classroom instruction, arts and crafts, gym/outdoor play and our typical story times but, we add a weekly water play day to add an extra splash of fun during the summer months. 

FEES: Registration Fee of $50.00 is due in order to confirm your placement on a class list. This fee will be added to your FACTS account.  If you have not been enrolled with us for a summer session, you will need to set up a Summer Payment Plan with FACTS.  If you are new to LLCC, you must set up your FACTS account in order to pay the registration fee and secure your placement for the summer program. 

Click here to register your Infant/Toddler or your Preschool child for summer daycare.


June 4, 2018 - August 17, 2018 we provide an action packed summer camp for our students going into Kindergarten through students going into fifth grade.  We keep them active and engaged with weekly onsite activities, water play/pool days, and Field Trips.  Some of the onsite activities this summer will be, Basketball Tricksters, Bugman, Scavenger Hunt and more.  Some of our field trips this year are Magic Mountain, The Wilds, Marmon Valley Farm and more.  Our 2-5 grade students will walk to Hunter's Ridge Pool twice a week.  Our K-1 students will have onsite water games each week. We are looking forward to great fun at Camp 226 this summer.

FEES: One week tuition is due at registration. This fee will be added to your FACTS account.  If you have not been enrolled with us for a summer session, you will need to set up a Summer Payment Plan with FACTS.  If you are new to LLCC, you must set up your FACTS account in order to pay the registration fee and secure your placement for the summer program. An additional $15.00 charge must be paid separately to cover the Camp T-shirt and backpack for each camper. 

Click here to register for Summer Camp (Kindergarten through 5th grade).


Our Fall programming will begin September 4, 2018.  Whether you are interested in Infant, Toddler, Preschool or Prekindergarten from September to May you will need to register now to hold those spots.  There are many different schedule options to help meet your family’s needs.  Please feel free to contact the office for specific questions regarding your schedule needs.  

Click here to register for Infant / Toddler care for Fall 2018.


Click  here to register for Preschool / Prekindergarten for Fall 2018.


Click here to register your School-age child for extended care.


FEES: Registration Fee of $50.00 is due in order to confirm your placement on a class list. This fee will be added to your FACTS account. All families that were enrolled with us over the summer will need to ensure they set up their FACTS account to their Fall Payment Plan.  If you are new to LLCC, you must set up a FACTS account before you can secure a placement on a class list. 


All forms will be submitted electronically therefore placement will not be officially added to a class list until the fees are confirmed through FACTS..  This is a completely new way of submitting registration forms for LLCC.  Though we believe this will be a more efficient way for our registration process, we ask for your patience as we navigate through this new system for the first time.  Thank you. We know that there are many options out there for your child care needs and we appreciate that you have selected Little Lambs Children's Center. We look forward to serving you and your children this year. 

Little Lamb Telegram 2-2-18

I have to say that February snuck up on me.  My grandmother told me recently that the older we get the faster our days seem to go.  I guess in this case she is right.  Please read through the entire email to be sure you are aware of all upcoming events. 


1. Registration for Fall & Summer OPENS MONDAY 2-5-18.  An email will go out monday morning with links to complete registration forms electronically.  Once we receive a registration form, your FACTS account will be charges the $50.00 registration fee.  Summer Camp Registration fee is one weeks tuition.  

February 13, 2018 6-8  LLCC Open House/ Art Walk, Plan to come walk through our hallways to see the child's artwork.  Light Refreshments will be provided. 

3, Remember we are CLOSED February 19, 2018 for Presidents Day.

4.  Our PreK Classes will begin attending Shepherd Christians Chapel services on February 22.   This is a great way for them to start seeing what it will be like to be in Kindergarten and grouped with the older kids. 

5. Bear with us next week as we are going to be redoing the floorinf in the LLCC office.  

I hope you all have a great weekend Stay Warm and Enjoy your time with your family

Camp 226 Registration opens in ONE WEEK!!!

Summer camp 2018

June 4, 2018 - August 17, 2018

Register between February 5 - March 16, 2018  weekly cost $215.00/wk

Register between March 17 - April 13, 2018  weekly cost $225.00/wk

Register between April 14 - May 18, 2018 weekly cost $235.00/wk

(Weekly cost includes, AM/PM snack, Full Hot Lunch, activities and field trips.)

Registration Opens February 5, 2018

Call 614-471-9269 for more information.

Camp 226 2018 Summer Camp

This year we are excited to name our Summer Camp Program CAMP 226!  We will be using Proverbs 22:6  Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it

Camp 226 begins June 4, 2018 and is an eleven week program to keep your children moving all summer long.  We offer weekly onsite presentations such as: MadCap Puppet show, Bugman, Turtle Lady and more.  We also take weekly field trips with our K-6 grade campers.  This year we will be going to Magic Mountain, The Wilds, Lazer Kraze, Marmon Valley and other fun activities. 

Registration begins Feb. 5, 2018.  


Little Lamb Telegram 1.5.18

Happy New Year!  
We kicked off 2018 with very chilly weather but are back into the swing of things here at Little Lambs. 

*Please be sure your children are bundled up, especially if they are in our PreK program and walk back and forth between buildings.   

*If your child is in the nap group, please make sure to provide a sheet and blanket for them.  They are often saying they are cold when laying directly on the cot. 

*Please keep up with the hand washing when you drop your child off and again before they leave.  

*Remember that your child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to LLCC after a fever or illness.  This will help us keep other children and our staff healthy.

*CAN YOU HELP?  We need Tissues!  We have been at full steam dealing with colds and runny noses for the past couple months.  We are running low on tissues already.  If you are willing to donate a box or two to your child's classroom, we would appreciate it. 

SAVE THE DATE: February 13, 2018  Open House  Art Walk.

Come see the different classrooms and their class artwork. 
Have a safe and warm weekend. 

Little Lamb Telegram 12/15/17

10 More Days until Christmas! Are you ready?  I am about 85% ready except my sweet Beagle puppy has tore the lights off my treat and I am hosting a small group Christmas party this weekend.  That will be my chore to figure out tomorrow morning.  It's a good thing she is so adorable!  

December 18 - Wear RED -Secret Santa Shopping for SCS.
December 19 - Wear GREEN & Secret Santa Shopping for LLCC.
December 20 - Wear PJ's (our Preschool & PreK will join SCS for their movie day)
December 21 - Daycare only day
December 22 - School Age Field trip to the Nursing home.  They will pass out crafts made by our LLCC children to the residents.

The Girls Scouts are still collecting toys through Wednesday December 20.


Wednesday 12-27-17   Popcorn Chicken, Broccoli, Pineapple & Milk

Thursday 12-28-17  Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla, Corn, Applesauce & Milk

Friday 12-29-17  Bosco Cheese Sticks w/marinara sauce, Mixed Veggies, Peaches & Milk

Wednesday 1-3-18 Mini Pancakes, Turkey sausage, Hash Browns, Mandarin Oranges and Milk.

LLCC will be CLOSED December 25 & 26, January 1st & 2nd. 

12-1-17 Little Lamb Telegram

Little Lamb Telegram 12-1-17

24 Days to Christmas!

Preschool / PreKindergarten Holiday Handbell Performance will be December 10 @ 9:30am here at Shepherd Church.  We would love it if you would join us for this special service.  Your kiddos have begun practicing and are going to be adorable.  

Parking Lot Safety: Please keep your child with you at all times to ensure their safety.  Do not allow them to run away from you in the building or in the parking lot.  And PLEASE drive slowly through the appropirate lanes of the parking lot, not driving thruogh parking spots.  This will help ensure all our Little Lambs are safe.  

SICKNESS POLICY:  If your child has a Fever of 100.3, runny nose, cough, diarrhea, Unknown rash, Discharge from eyes or an illness being treated with antibiotics for less than 24 hours.  Please keep them home.  We have already seen a lot of major illnesses.  Allowing your child to return to school before they have been 24 hours symption free just continues to spread the illnesses.  We appricate your understanding and cooperation with this policy.

HANDWASHING:   In an effort to help minimize the spreading of germs, we ask that you take your child to the bathroom to wash their hands before dropping them off to class.  And we recommend you take them to wash their hands before leaving the center as well.   

UPCOMING CLOSURES:  We will be closed December 25, 26 & January 1 & 2. allowing our staff time to spend with their families.

Canal Winchester Holiday Village Friday 12-1-17
Shepherd Church A Journey to Christmas December 1, 2,8, 9, 10
Columbus Zoo Wildlights Display

11-17-17 Little Lamb Telegram

What a busy week we had here at LLCC.  Our Toddler 3 Preschool and preK students have worked hard practicing their songs for our Family Feast on Monday.  They are also making great crafts that will be used for table decorations.   We hope see you you all on Monday @ 11am for our Thanksgiving Feast.  


Our Kitchen will be not be providing hot lunch for LLCC on November 21 & 22. due to the Family Feast at SCS.  Please remember to pack a healthy packed lunch for your kiddos.  

School Pictures are going home today.  Retakes are scheduled for Wednesday November 29th @ 9am.  If you are interested in having your child's photo taken or retaken please let your child's teacher know or contact the LLCC office. 

Remember we will be CLOSED November 23 & 24 enjoying Thanksgiving and spending time with our families.  We will reopen on Monday November 27th.  

We are thankful for all of you.

11-10-17 Little Lamb Telegram

We were busy here this week.  We had our Chapel service on Wednesday to allow us to participate in the Veterans Day Assembly on Frdiay.  Thank you to those of you who joined us.  The students did a great job expressing their grateful heart for all the veterans.  Our Preschool and PreK Students did a great job marching in waving their flags to open the assembly.  


11-20-17  Thanksgiving Feast @ 11:00am
LLCC Toddler 3, Preschool and PreK will have a short performance before our meal is served.  We hope that you plan to join us and your student as we take time to reflect on all the reason we have to be thankful.  

The book fair will be open for shopping during the feast on November 20.

This is going to be the only day for retakes.  If your child was not able to have their photograph taken last month they will be photographed on this day.  If you child needs their photo taken and they do not normally attend on Wedensdays.  Please call the LLCC office to make arrangements. 

Due to the preperation and clean up from the Thanskgiving Feast Events, we will not hae Kithcen service on November 21 & 22.  
Please plan to provide a packed lunch for your child on those days. 

Next Week November 13 - 17
Theme: My Family
Chapel : Give Thanks
Pastor Ashley will be teaching chapel this week. 

Remember that you just have one more week to sell your coupon books.  If you opt out of selling the coupon books , please return them to the office no later than November 17.  Thank you. 

Have a great weekend!